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Sidi Bou Said Set

Sidi Bou Said Set

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Make every meal a creative experience with our Sidi Bou Said Pottery Set!

This dinner set is meant for those who aim to inspire people with the food they serve. Yes, what you cook and how it tastes is important but any decent chef will tell you that presentation matters just as much! And that’s exactly what our Sidi Bou Said Pottery Set does––it presents your food in awe-inspiring fashion. The design is an inspiration from a blue and white city by the mediterranean called Sidi Bou Said

Why you’ll love it


  • Presents your food in an artistic and creative way
  • Passionately handmade and hand painted with ceramic
  • Each order has a unique design that’s personal to you
  • Set includes a dinner plate and a bowl

Buy our Sidi Bou Said Set now to serve your food in a unique and creative way!

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