About Us

What We Do:

A wise man once said that a kitchen is as good as the kitchenware in it, and we couldn’t agree more. At Alyssa Bazaar, we are a family-run business wherein we curate kitchenware ceramics and olive wood accessories that are handcrafted by artisans. We are vocal about local, by partnering with local artisans who have mastered their craft over the years. We do so, by compensating and uplifting them in every sense of the word.

What We Stand For:

Being pioneers in kitchen ceramics and olive wood, Tunisia is known for adding tantalizing flavor to kitchens. Inspired by Alyssa, the foundress and queen of Carthage in Tunisia, the 3000-year-old history reflects in our ceramic and olive wood accessories. Keeping in mind this rich history, we bring a piece of Tunisia to global kitchens by curating premium handcrafted kitchenware that transports you to a different place and time.

What You Get:

With our products, you aren’t just buying kitchen tools, but you’re welcoming in an aromatic kitchen experience that translates into the food you cook. The rustic designs of our kitchenware help you connect with the roots of Tunisia and provide a sense of belonging and nostalgia during the course of your culinary expedition. Needless to say, using our kitchenware is an experience on its own.

Who we are:

This Business is an inspiration from a unique friendship between Meriam and Ons. This business ties them even more although the distance between Tunisia and USA is great. Even though they live apart from each other’s, this business made their relationship stronger. Meriam Cherif (located in USA) is partnering with Ons Mounes (located in Tunisia) across borders to make sure that products are exceeding customers’ expectations.

What We Take Pride In:

Every kitchenware product we deal with has a unique design that is backed up by superior quality and rich history. Sold at competitive rates, we believe in spreading the joy of soulful kitchen accessories to one and all, who want to experience the luxury of Tunisian heritage. Want to add a touch of Tunisia to your kitchen?

“Jamison Jones”

1 Week Ago

Stuffs at Alyssa Bazaar are extremely high quality and unique. Their customer service team is just another reason for me to stay with them as a regular customer.

“Katy Robinson”

2 Weeks Ago

Alyssa Bazaar products are affordable and with high quality. I have been with them as a customer since middle of this year and I get my products in no time. Alyssa Bazaar is one my family’s favorite online store.

“Dr. David Holley”

2 Weeks Ago

Alyssa Bazaar customer support team is one of the main reasons that I have stayed with them as a loyal customer. This company has an outstanding customer support team who treat customers as their own kings. They are wonderful and sweet. I have been buying kitchen materials and I have nothing but to say good words about them.