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Alyssa Bazaar

Olive Wood Spoon Set

Olive Wood Spoon Set

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Create a naturally beautiful dining experience with our Olive Wood Spoon Set!

Lovingly handmade with sustainably sourced Tunisian olive wood, our spoon set is pleasing to the eye and smooth to the touch. The durability and non-porous nature of olive wood makes it safe and ideal to use on non-stick surfaces, stainless steel, and Teflon––thus protecting your pots and pans from any potential damage! If you’re starting a collection of olive wood kitchenware, our spoon set is the perfect place to start.

Note: avoid soaking in water for long periods of time.

Why you’ll love it

● Durable, non-porous spoon set that’s designed to last
● Each order is expertly handmade with sustainable Tunisian Olive Wood
● Unique light and dark grain pattern that’s personal to you
● Highly resistant to stains and odors
● Measurements: 11” in length
● Care: hand wash and occasionally treat with olive oil or vegetable oil

Buy our Olive Wood Spoon Set (Fork + Spoon) to start building your natural kitchenware collection!
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